COMING SOON is our amazing 9 sm fully equipped transportable POD.

It features ultralight composite panels in a compact and functional floor plan.

The 1.2 m X 1.2 m bathroom is complete with a shower, dry toilet, vanity, towel rack cabinet, and much more.

Laundry with a combo washer/dryer.

Full-size fridge with top freezer, microwave oven, and TV.

Full kitchen with sink, 2 burner stove, air-fryer, and more.

Plenty of storage including wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, under bed drawers.

Benchtop for dining and or working and a pair of custom foldable chairs.

Queen bed, curtains, 2.5 m high ceilings and a 3 m double-sliding door.

Split air conditioner, on-demand hot water, solar panels with batteries, a micro garden bench + a bee hive (YES! your own piece of nature).

AND MUCH MORE in just 9 square metres on a trailer you can transport using your regular passenger car.

Stay tuned....

BACS - POD_edited.jpg
BACS - POD 2.jpg